I overslept! Waaaaaaaaaaa…I have work last night and I overslept. huhuhu.. I woke up at 430am today and was already in panic mode since I have no idea how to reach my superior. This was the 1st time this happened. I actually slept at 5pm yesterday hoping that I will be able to wake up after 2hrs to prepare for work and I was planning to continue my sleep at work since I was really beaten after trying to search for good buys on Las Vegas Show Tickets. Hehehe. But to my surprise, I failed to wake up even though I have 2 alarm clocks plus my parent’s wake up calls. Honestly, I have nothing else to do at work except surf the net coz I’m done with my reports the previous day. 😉

Anyway, I’ll just prepare now since we’ll be meeting at 7am later for our trip to Badian. Can’t wait to go to the beach!

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