Our Christmas Cake

It was the eve of Christmas and I worked on straight shift for 2 consecutive days to avoid working on this day. I got out of the office at past 9am and immediately went to Leona’s in their main branch to check if I can grab me one of their Chocoloate Surprise Cakes. This one’s really yummy since it’s a combination of Banana cake and Chocolate Cake. Anyway, the line was too long when I reached the place and the cakes left were far from what I wanted. So I hurriedly drove to SM to check if they have stocks left. But they don’t have one too. They have extra carrot cakes but I never did fancy the taste of their carrot loaf. I tried to wait for like 30 minutes to see if more stocks will be delivered but I got tired of waiting and standing there like some crazy fool. Oh, by the way, I knew this was going to happen. But the laziness in me took over my sane being where I failed to order the cake I want in advance. Hehehe

One hesitation was my mom too. I know she might not be able to eat one because of allergies.

Anyway, after giving up, I headed straight to Red Ribbon and to my surprise, there’s no line! Yey! They still have stocks of different varieties of cakes too! I immediately ordered the Dulce De Leche knowing that this is the only safe cake for my mom. She’s allergic to mango, ube and chocolate. But she still cheats sometimes and eats those stuff with the knowledge that she has medications to counter the allergies.

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