I just finished watching the movie “Once” and I can’t get over it!

This is an Irish musical/romantic film (2007) and although we all know that romantic movies normally ends with a happy ending, this film doesn’t. This makes it even more interesting. However, I’m a bit saddened at how the story ended but nonetheless, it kept me glued to the movie. This film may not be the typical movie one would always watch but it manages to touch its viewers with the unexpected turn of events. What’s so unique about this movie is that both Hansard and Iglova composed and performed all of the original songs played in it. The performance of the actors seemed natural and realistic which makes the movie very appealing and very moving.

The film was very successful despite the low budget used to produce it. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, both musicians and non-actors, starred in the film. Upon learning that he will be paired with non-actor Irglova, the original lead actor backed out on the project and with this move, the rest of the other producers backed out too along with their financial resources. In order to save money, the filmmakers used natural light and used friend’s houses to film the movie. Even one of the scenes was filmed in Hansard’s own house. The scenes on the streets of Dublin was filmed without permits and a long lens was used so that passersby wouldn’t notice the filming.

The movie gained positive reviews and it received the 2007 Independent Spirit Award for best foreign film. The song “Falling Slowly” which was sang by Hansard and Irglova won the 2008 Academy Award for Best Original Song. They also got 2 nominatsion for the Grammys in 2008.


  1. did you just say, “irish”? well then, it’s perfect for st. patrick’s day! i’ll look for this on netflix, if it’s not with our local library. 🙂

    fortuitous faery’s last blog post..back to basics

  2. hmmmm…movies! i love watching movies so i think i came on the right site here….

    care for a link ex?

  3. My daughter and her roommate found this movie while at college and she brought it home for me to watch over Christmas break. It’s a lovely movie and like life, doesn’t have the happily ever after and you know, that was ok.

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