on Watching Step Up 3D at Ayala’s 3D Cinema

Step Up 3D’s trailer

I loved Step Up and Step Up 2: The Streets. And when I saw the trailer of  Step Up 3D, I said to myself I’d still watch this movie in the theatres but not in a 3D Cinema since it’s going to be just a waste of my money. But when I got the opportunity to get free tickets to watch this movie in 3D, everything changed. My eyes lit up and soon my little braincells started thinking how to make sure I’d get the free tickets. Getting the tickets was a no brainer, actually. I just showed up at Ayala Center Cebu’s Customer Service Desk an hour before the mall opened and I was the first one to get 4 free tickets to the launching of Ayala Center’s 3D Cinema. Isn’t that sweet? 🙂

So to cut the story short, I went to Ayala yesterday and watched Step Up 3D with Audrey, Ed and Rabsin. Wena had to bail out due to a bad headache (i’m guessing it was because of the lack of sleep after burning her eyes and laptop with Naruto. hehehe). Praline was also busy at that time. And since I know that Rab was just around the corner, I immediately called him and asked if he was game to join us 😀

I’m not going to talk about the movie but rather the cool 3D effects of those dance moves and some scenes. I’d say that watching the movie in 3D was really worth it. It’s free and on 3D! hehehe

Oh, I learned from Ed that most of the cast of this movie were participants, if not winners of the famous dance  competition and reality show So You Think You Can Dance. Moose (Adam G. Sevani) of Step Up 2: The Streets also returns in this movie together with Camille Gage (Alyson Stoner) of Step Up. There were also casts from Step Up 2 who were present in this film including Jenny Kido (Mari Koda), the Japanese dancer who still thinks she doesn’t have an accent. LOL. Such talented dancers!

Some of the scenes…

This scene’s so cool. They were standing on top of an exhaust vent and started spraying Slurpee. There was even a point where you’d think you’ll get wet from the slurpee being blown away by the exhaust!

If you were going to watch this in 3D, you’d probably be holding on to your seats since you’d feel that the woman’s hands are reaching out to the camera extending its arms to reach out to you! There are still more cool 3D effects like these in the rest of the dance offs. Super nice!

This was one of the highlights of the dance battles. This was the Pirate’s finale number at the Grand Finals of the World Jam.

i love the boombox in the background!

the lead star, Luke (Rick Malambri) and the rest of the Pirates

So you think we’d leave Ayala Center Cebu’s 3D Cinema that easily? Of course not! LOL. After the “film-showing”, I borrowed Audrey’s Canon Digital Ixus 70 digital camera and started taking pictures. The rest of the movie goers couldn’t wait to get out of the theatre. We, on the other hand, wished we could stay there for a few more hours minutes, not just to take pictures wearing Ayala’s cool 3D eyeglasses, but to show off some moves from the movie too!

Me, Rab and Audrey with our 3D eyeglasses

Rab mentioned he liked Ayala’s 3D eyeglasses better than the 3D eyeglasses at SM’s IMAX Theatre.

Ed, still high from the movie and couldn’t help showing off some of his own “death defying” stunts. LOL. peace ed!

After effect of watching Step Up 3D!

Check out the rest of the pictures! It goes to show how crazy we they could get at times. LOL

Disclaimer: No seats were damaged while performing these crazy stunts.

the reason why we needed a few more hours minutes inside the theater

crazy people on the loose!

didn’t realize that Ayala Cinemas could be a great venue for race hurdles. ahahaha

still on a high after watching the movie

The only time these guys stopped was when the guard asked Rab to be careful as he might break the glass holders and arm rests. He was literally jumping all over the area. hahahaha

I guess they were still on a high even as we got out of the cinema as they still continued goofing around, this time more controlled. :-p

Now Showing at Ayala Cebu’s Cinema 3: soloflightEd.com and maldeetuhramblings.com

Ayala Center Cebu’s 3D Cinema found its home at Ayala’s Cinema 3.

So the next time you decide to watch 3D, just look for that 3D sign to avoid getting inside the wrong theatre. 🙂

To those who haven’t watched Step Up 3D, you can simply head off to Ayala Center Cebu. You only have to pay P270 to experience the cool 3D effects of this movie. 😀 Enjoy!


  1. Philippine Resorts says

    Waahaha! Lingaw ko sa pics doi! Love it!
    Philippine Resorts´s last blog post ..Top Moalboal Beaches and Resorts

    • u could have joined us unta! hahaha. i really had a great time taking those crazy poses! LOL

  2. haha this is fun! love the stunt shots at the end.

    these dance movies really do have the tendency to hype you up. one officemate got inspired by this movie and decided to teach the whole office some dance moves every morning starting today lol.
    lainee´s last blog post ..Sherlock Holmes Had a Makeover

    • Lainee,

      ikr. your officemate’s funny, so are those crazy people on the photo above. hahaha. wish i could go to your office to learn those moves too! LOL

      thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  3. hi i happen to drop by your blog cus i think it was related to step up.. anyway im planning to go back to the phils on sept 30 and i want to watch step up 3d with my sisters there ( i already watched it here where im from) i want to ask how long will step up be showing in the philippines? also do all cinemas have 3d 😀 salamat!!

    • hi coco! thanks for dropping by! i’m not too sure how long they will show the movie here. it also depends on where you’ll watch it. you can check out these two websites to see their 3D schedules:

      SM – http://smcinema.com/
      Ayala – http://www.sureseats.com/

      Not all cinemas have 3D here. There are just selected theaters which can show 3D movies.

      I hope you enjoy watching the movies with your siblings! 😀

  4. Tan-aw unya ko sa step up 3d. Ki-at kaayo mo sa sinehan. It’s good that you enjoyed watching the movie with your free passes.
    Mark Maranga´s last blog post ..Dila Falls of Bukidnon

    • hi mark! 😀 yah, lingaw man sya iwatch esp sa 3D na cinema. nice ang effects. we really enjoyed watching it. sulit ang free passes. nakaki-at pjud mi sa sinehan and we got the chance to take pictures. hehehe

  5. LOVIT LOVIT LOVIT!!! HAHAHAHAHA! I miss this! We should do this again! hahahaha!
    Rabsin´s last blog post ..The VBS 2011 Experience

  6. Nakakaloka. Hanggang sa sinehan buwis-buhay pa rin ‘tong si Ed! :))

    Sayang di ko napanood yung Step Up in 3D 😐
    Micamyx´s last blog post ..Battle of the 2012 Calendar Girls: Solenn vs. Carla vs. Stef!

    • hahaha. para kaming mga sira dito mica! nood na ng step up 3D. i can already imagine sasayaw-sayaw na naman while watching and after watching the movie 😆

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