On the French people as worst tourists

I just read an article from Yahoo entitled “French tourists seen as world’s worst: survey”.

The article describes French people as being bad at foreign languages, tight-fisted and arrogant. The article states that the behaviors of French people can be credited to their lack of experience in traveling and that they get accustomed to what they were used to back at home which leads to being demanding in some ways. Because of this, people who get to interact with French tourists thinks that they possess a certain arrogance in them.

I’m not too thrilled to hear of this survey. Almost everybody wants to go to Paris since it is deemed as one of the most romantic cities in the world, being that Eiffel Tower is there and all. I haven’t met any French people and I hope that what the survey says isn’t true. If it is, I just hope that they adapt to their surroundings and environment and do away with the arrogance as their behaviors should never be tolerated.

I’ve always wanted to go to Paris but if their tourists possess the same attitude as those from their homeland, I’ll probably change my dream destinations.


  1. Ohhhh..sorry to hear that..I hope not all French are arrogant..maybe some French are nice and well accommodated..why you don’t try to visit in Paris and meet some French..then that the time you judge…that’s only a survey my friend. Happy sunday and thanks for the visit..
    .-= star´s last blog ..Saturday SAved – The Best for Last #3 =-.

  2. Particularly in Paris, this is true. When I was in Paris I discovered that clerks and various other workers were very rude towards me, I think because my accent wasn’t up to their standards. I understand that French people more out in the countryside are much nicer
    .-= Patricia´s last blog ..Is Lying Ever Justified? =-.

  3. yeah, i hope i can. i am still hoping that those surveys aren’t true. thanks for visiting star! 🙂

  4. oh that’s too bad. that’s one thing i hate – discrimination. well, i hope there are others who practice humility.

    thanks for dropping by patricia!

  5. It depends probably since my stay there for 4 days were quite lovely. The thing is one needs to learn French since some don’t bother to translate. Good thing we have our French friend with us most of the time but there was this day when we were just alone in a restaurant. I can’t make up what’s on the menu that I had to call my father since he can speak French and translate it for me to Norwegian.
    .-= Charles Ravndal´s last blog ..Summer Vacay =-.

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