On Parking Cars

I never received any formal driving lessons. My father taught me everything there is to know about driving cars. I can remember back when the car we used to practice driving had its gears reversed. Meaning, the 1st gear is on the reverse gear on a normal car and the reverse gear is the 1st gear. Can you imagine that? Then the driving wheels were so hard to maneuver. I had to do major “pawis” steering instead of power steering to maneuver the car.

I was forced to drive a car on my own when my pop went on a business trip for 2 weeks and my work schedule is at 3am. To save on taxi fares, I had to use the car. After going on a 3-day crash course with my pop, I managed to go to work bringing the FX. Although I never had problems with road accidents back then, my dilemma was purely parking the car. There were instances where I bumped trees causing dents to the car. There was also a time where I ruined the car’s rims since I was parking too close to a lamp post and failed to realize that the rims were already too close to the corner cement stand of the lamp post. I was really lucky to be bumping non-living things back then. To date, I only had 1 major road accident which I wasn’t proud of and which explains my fear of driving steep roads.

I think I’ve been driving since 2005. My dad taught me really well when it comes to driving and parking cars. One of the basic things he required was when we park a car we should do a perpendicular parking with the back in first so that we could drive out of the parking space easily. It wasn’t really simple at first since he also required me to just look at the rear view mirror and side mirrors. In time, I got the hang of it. And because of this, I suck at parking cars with the head/front in first.

Recently, my pop and I drove to Ayala to have dinner with an aunt who were vacationing from Australia. He was driving the car and after we found a nice spot to park, I kinda wanted to grab the wheels from him so that I could park the car myself. I wasn’t too sure what was going on in his mind when he was parking the car coz when before it would only take him one swift maneuver to park the car properly, this one didn’t. I couldn’t understand why it took him a long time to park the car when he had all the space he could use. I was teasing him how he was getting old and how he might need a pair of eyeglasses.

how to park your car
see the wide parking space on driver’s side and how close the FX was to the wall?

I wanted to offer to drive us home after that dinner but I didn’t since my pop might notice how reckless I drive 😆 Took this picture to show to my mom how he parked the FX and to continuously tease him how he’s really getting old. hehehe.

Our second hand Toyota Tamarraw FX has been with us since 2001. And since then, this car has proven its worth all these years even after undergoing a major surgery from being in total wreck.

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