on buying a NEO Laptop

Wena asked me to accompany her as she bought a laptop that is Windows-based. After comparing prices from different stores in SM, we decided to buy a Pink Neo in Silicon Valley since they are the only store who has that color. The store was offering a free printer or memory together with the Laptop. Wena has no use for the printer so she opted the upgrade. The following day, she pinged me because she was having issues with the equipment. It was constantly crashing and she couldn’t launch multiple sites/browsers. We brought the laptop back to the store to complain. We were ready to have it replaced with a different brand. The store didn’t allow it. The technician tried to remove the memory and replaced it with a new one. Everything worked normally. So, we went home. Then again, Wena pinged me and told me she gave up. She will be turning over the equipment to her buyer. Someone who already committed on assuming the device long before Wena bought it, in case she ditches the equipment again. So there.

Lesson? Don’t buy Neo if you don’t want your life to be miserable.


  1. wow i guess i am pretty lucky with my NEO then which i have for over a year now without any major problem like this one.

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