On Being Productive

I really need to practice being productive. I can’t seem to find the time to organize my thoughts. Now, I’m sitting on my computer chair for more than 30 minutes waiting for the tech support guy from my hosting service to speak up while checking on those cosmetology colleges online. I tried to get help from one of them chat support reps since I foolishly deleted 1 plug-in application on my site. I thought I could get away with all those error messages by simply deleting the plugin. I don’t even understand its importance. And I hate it that I had to press that magic button to make it disappear. I was aiming at reinstalling it back. Now all I see is a white screen on my site. huhuhu…what have I done??? I’m really going to be in trouble if this won’t get fixed. It has been a long time since I backed up my files.

Well, I can’t really cry over spilled milk? Can I? Am just hoping that my pessimistic ego will not win over. For now, let me lament if I’ll just continue staring at the PC or if I’ll start being productive. Argghh!!!


The site’s back. I actually dozed off on the computer table so I decided to give it a rest and continue fixing the site when I woke up. I’m so relieved that everything is back to normal. Thanks to the tech support named Ian. He helped me fix the problem. Kudos to you Ian!!!

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