On Angels & Demons

Just finished watching Angels & Demons with Pia earlier. The original plan was to watch it in Ayala. However, there were no longer available seats for the time slot we chose and we didn’t like to watch the last full show. I should have booked the seats online if knew that it would be like this. We watched the movie at SM instead.

Angels & Demons is the sequel to Dan Brown’s film adaptation of The Da Vinci Code which was show in 2006. Wait. 2006? Wow! Was it really shown on that year?

I’m actually typing this entry in a small Notepad window and my background is the write-up of the movie in Wikipedia. 😆 I never realized that 3 years had passed since that movie. Honestly, I never knew that the movie Angels & Demons existed not until I saw an advertisement of it on a site I visited a month ago. I really liked the movie The Da Vinci Code and this pretty much explains why I couldn’t resist watching the sequel too. This movie didn’t disappoint me and I am inviting everyone who haven’t watched the movie to check it out.

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