Olanggo Island

Leah asked me to go with her to meet a CouchSurfer who contacted her. His name was Ian. We decided to bring him to Sta.  Rosa the next day to show him the Olanggo Island’s Bird Sanctuary. We headed for the small pier beside Hilton towers at Mactan Island and rode a boat going to Leah’s hometown. When we arrived, we hired a tricycle driver and asked him to take us to the bird sanctuary. We registered and pay a fee and we were accompanied to the place where the birds flock. It was nearing noon time that day and the birds normally appear after noon time. Anyway, I still enjoyed watching the birds with the help of a high tech telescope. I really don’t know the term for it. Hehehe.





  1. Cool. 🙂 I wanna go there with my family. Any details on the price and if they have meal packages?

  2. Hi Bam! It’s just a day tour. I forgot how much the boat ride cost but it’s quite cheap since you’ll ride the public pump boat. This place is ideal for camping and the sort. Just bring food if you plan to do it ala picnic style! 😉

  3. Okidoki! 🙂 Will definitely try that. Thanks. 🙂

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