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This week was really a heavy week for me. Despite the “tons” of workload I have in the office, I was also faced with problems with this site. I think it was 3 days ago when I saw that my site was reported as an attack site and has been blocked access using Firefox Mozilla.

What amazes me was that it can be viewed using IE. I really had no idea how to fix the problem but just deleted a comment I approved before the problem started. My webhosting provider also assured me that they didn’t find any virus codes or links so I submitted a request from Google to have my site reviewed again.

The site was up and running yesterday but I got a text message from my brother after several hours that he saw another site attack report again.  tsk tsk tsk. I no longer know what to do. Maybe a change in the theme perhaps?

Anyway, I’m so grateful that at the end of the day, I qualified to join a group of bloggers on a free trip to the Sumilon Bluewaters Beach Resort. I was actually shortlisted and someone backed out. Am glad that I can unwind at last after the pressure at work and from my site.

I will be posting the event soon after. See you then!


  1. Mike's Blog Marketing Tips says


    That problem is usually caused by a commenter, as you figured out. The best way to combat that is to not allow the use of html tags in your comment section.

    And thanks for the award, I do appreciate it. But like you, I’m not really that fond of them.

    Hope this finds you well and have a great trip.

    .-= Mike’s Blog Marketing Tips´s last blog ..To have banner ads or to not have banner ads, that is the question =-.

  2. Nah I made an entry jud on this error Doi:

    hasta si randy ni ana nko almost everytime mo drop xa imo site mao daw ni gawas.
    .-= My Sound of Music´s last blog ..Hear Me Now by Boyce Avenue =-.

  3. yea yea yea… very true! i`ve even prompted eds to inform you about it, coz i am thinking that maybe you`re not aware that it`s happening. but it`s good that it`s better now. and i believe it`s also happening with my site. and it`s just sad that i don`t know how to fix it and worst, i can`t even track the culprit. haha.

    anyway, nice meeting you sistah. masaya naman kahit masama ang panahon. and yes, sobrang exhausted talaga ako kanina at kahit ngayon, feeling ko ginahasa ako. haha.

    watch out pala for another event at maribago bluewater… not yet confirmed, still doing some arrangement, according to events committee. i`ll inform you nalang din about it kung confirmed na. haha. nice meeting you guys again. `til our next meeting. see yah!
    .-= atenean101´s last blog ..Quoted: PGMA’s 2009 State of the Nation Address =-.

  4. Onload of page my antivirus put alert, check pls.

  5. Some of my visitors are still telling me that they still see the warning message on my site yet I can load it from my end. I no longer what to do. *sigh*

    Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  6. wow! thanks weng! anyway.. lagot ko oi kay some people are still telling me nga naa ghapon warning message. tsk tsk tsk. ambot nalang sa langaw unsa ako buhaton…huhuhu

  7. yeah. it was nice meeting you too AJ! 🙂 I had fun sa trip natin despite the bad weather. hehehe. I hope you can fix the problem with your site. Mine’s still not totally fixed 🙁
    Do keep us informed of future events so that we can join too. Thanks a bunch!!! 😀

  8. I’m really sorry for the hassle. But thanks for informing me. Am still trying to determine how to fix this problem 🙁
    Thanks for dropping by!

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