Of Wat Nam Hu, Great Clouds, Battle Scars and Good Music

A month and a half ago, I visited the small town of Pai in Mae Hong Son, Thailand. Pai is situated at the Northern part of Thailand and after declaring on my other blog that I missed Pai badly, I never thought I’d get the chance to see her again soon. But because of certain incidents, I got the chance to visit Pai again.

My clock says 2:24 am (UTC +7:00) today and I am still on a high after a productive day today.

Earlier, I left my guesthouse at 7:30 am and went biking for 2 hours. I fell down 2 times and acquired a couple of battle scars. I scraped my knee and elbow after applying brakes to the bike. I fell again which I have no idea why. My friend said it might be a delayed reaction after applying the brakes. When I also decided to go bare-feet biking, I wounded the part of my foot where my slipper’s straps rest. The slippers were slipping off my feet, which was why I needed to get rid of them for ease in pedaling. Then in the afternoon, I avoided falling down to the ground and went running away from the bike while controlling my pace. My bare feet landed on some small rocks (grava) and the pain in my sole’s killing me now. All of these battle wounds/bruises are on the right side of my leg.

My left leg got it’s fair share yesterday when I fell while biking after I went to see the Lisu Village, a Chinese village in Pai. I fell on my left side and the bike’s weight fell on my left lap. Now, I am seeing a huge area on my upper left leg reveal an ugly violet-blackish color.  *sigh* I really don’t know when I’ll get the chance to master the art of applying brakes to the bike without hurting myself. 😆

Anyway, I’m blabbering now. The sole reason why I am typing this one right now was to show you this photo…

Wat Nam Hu

This is the Wat Nam Hu. It’s a temple hidden inside a huge open lawn in the town center. The huge Buddha image at the lawn’s front area steals this beautiful sight’s attention from passersby. This was probably one reason why I missed seeing this when I last visited this town. But I am glad I came back and captured photos of this temple.

Well, to be honest, I had really no intentions of dropping by this place. After seeing a lot of wats (temples) in Thailand, everything looked the same. But after I saw the cloud formations in the sky that time, I didn’t hesitate to capture photos. It was just too bad I didn’t bring my friend’s DSLR with me. I was left to using my digicam for this shot.

When I was about to leave, the sun suddenly appeared and after those tornado-looking clouds with the color that threatened the arrival of rain, the cloud’s color changed in time for the sunset. So I hurriedly took photos of it again hoping that I could capture what I wanted to capture from my ailing Point&Shoot camera. Here’s the result…

Wat Nam Hu

I am happy with the digicam’s output. Although a DSLR could have done justice to the image I wanted to capture, but this one will do 😉

As I mentioned earlier, my second day in Pai today was very productive. I ended the night listening to a live band perform some blues and rock and roll music. I even found myself singing along with the rest of the crowd since the band’s rendition of With or Without You by U2 was addicting, not to mention that the lead guitarist was freaking good in strumming the chords. (Was strumming the right term?) 😆 Pardon me for my shortcomings with the musical vocabulary since I normally don’t speak lyrical words. 😆

I would have wanted to stay till the band stopped playing their set but I had to call it a night. The worst part is, I was carrying a camera yet I forgot to place its memory card back so I failed to take a video of how wickedly awesome that band was.

For those who will travel to Pai in Mae Hong Son, Thailand, aside from checking out the usual tourist destinations in Pai, never fail to drop by Be-Bop’s Bar! 😉



  1. doy! naay gina-ingon it matters not how many times you fall basta katkat gihapon sa bike heheh

    by the way, LOVE THE CLOUDS!!!

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