of Paintings and Donnie

I have always been fascinated by my friends who has the creativity to create art pieces. I have a couple of buddies who paints for their past time. I’m leaving you with a painting my friend Donnie created.


  1. mutuelle says

    Nice painting,I’m just wondering why her eyes are green!

  2. Hi mutuelle!

    I’ll ask the artist.

    Thanks for the visit. šŸ™‚

  3. Rosemarie A Stone says

    There are people in the world with green eyes–we call them hazel–but they’re really green! Some people have pure green eyes! We envy all those who do!

  4. hi rosemarie!
    thanks for dropping by! šŸ™‚
    i haven’t asked the artist bout the eyes though. I keep forgetting. hehehe

  5. Donnie-Lee Sabang says

    hehe so Doy I was doing nothing and I saw this post of yours. Well to answer your friend’s question, I am always fascinated with non conventional eye colors like purple and green. For art’s sake, the green eyes should add to the dream-state that I wanted to achieve when I made this..

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