of Clouds and Italy

I was waiting for the green light on my way to Jessie’s place earlier to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button amongst other DVDs we bought.  I looked at the sky as a way to kill the wait. The sky was clear and cirrus clouds soon blocked my view of the wonderful blue sky. Then I realized that the clouds were moving slowly. It quickly entered my mind to capture the cloud’s movement on video but hesitated. I couldn’t remember the last time I gazed to the heavens and appreciate the beauty of it. Right there and then, I wished that I’d find more time to witness small wonders such as this. And suddenly it connected my thoughts to something very weird. I asked myself this question, “Will Leah be seing clouds like the one I saw in Italy?” I wondered if everything will look the same in Florence. I wondered if she’d miss home once she’s there. My emotions took over me and I realized that I was about to cry so I stopped it since I was driving. It struck me that Leah’s days are numbered here in Cebu. I don’t know if it’s the clouds or what, which got me into senti mode all of a sudden. I’ll surely miss hanging out with you, Lea.

Italy, watch out! Leah is coming to town!!!


  1. Doi…i thought no blogging of the kilos hahahah…but thanks though otherwise would have been impossible for me to reach Lucca. Until now my hand still aches…Miss you doi..ang pinakurat! Hohohhoh…kapoy na kaon ug pizza. Wish you were here, there are a lot of pastries.

  2. bwahahaha…i don’t remember anything bout not blogging the baggage. you just said “be kind doi” 😆

    and i hate to say this with the baggage but I’ll say it anyway — Told yah! 😆 Sge lang. paLBC kog pinakurat dha! Send me some pastries too! hehe

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