Not so ordinary routine

i find it odd to rant about personal stuff in this site but what the heck, i’ll rant anyway – not that this is a rant – but you know what i mean.

yesterday was a not so ordinary day for me. except for the sleepless days/nights, which has become a regular habit, i found myself cooking again. cooking because i had to. not because i want to, but i had to. not that i’m complaining about it but it kinda brought me back memories when i was in grade school.

i was my mom’s kitchen assistant back in the old days. i’d go to the the public markets with her and help her in the kitchen. my curiosity on the things that my mom did in the kitchen made me learn the ropes of it all. my mom is a great cook. i know that i can never live up to that, not yet. i plan to, soon. while my sister and brother was fighting off asthma attacks and looking for ways to excuse themselves of household chores, i was the only healthy candidate in filling in the role of my mom’s assistant. so there goes a brief history lesson for you.

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had to clean 4 of the bangus and 2 of the molmol…eeew!!!

going back, i actually had to get my hands dirty while cleaning the fish my mom requested for her meal. i forgot to ask the fish vendor at the supermarket to remove the intestines of the fish so i had to do it myself. while doing the task, i couldn’t help think how long it has been since i last cleaned the insides of a fish. maybe 10 years, maybe more than that. i’m glad my hands didn’t stink anymore though. i actually cooked twice yesterday. one for lunch and one for dinner. i only had 2 hrs sleep because of this too then i had to prepare for work.

looking back at what happened, it kinda made me feel like some sort of a housewife (not that I am one) or something, preparing food for the table and all. i realized that the this task was doable. exhausting but doable.

for the last couple of years, it has always been my mom’s job to take care of us. now, i’m returning the favor. although i still hate the sight of our kitchen, i know i had to step  up and take care of things while she’s sick. i can’t wait for her to fully recover. although at the back of my mind i still intend for her to continue manning the kitchen, i guess this time would be different. this time, i’d me more proactive in helping her out in the kitchen. that way i can also learn a few tricks here and there. hopefully i’ll be able to expand my knowledge of other cuisines, cuisines like her famous embutido, tocino, chorizo, kare-kare, lengua, chopsuey and many more. right now, my abilities are limited to cooking anything fried, meat/fish steak, afritada, sinigang, nilaga, pochero, adobo, and some more. i don’t even know how to cook pancit (noodles)!

but i’m liking this new found passion in cooking. i’ve been collecting a food magazine (Yummy)  for almost 2 yrs now. i hope i can whip up a recipe off from its pages. i just need time, the kitchen will do for now. i have been trying to juggle my schedule. hopefully i can find more time to do the things i’m supposed to do. 1st on the list would be sleep, then asbestos.


  1. i love cooking too. i regret that i haven’t learned this greatest art of all time, and that is cooking.
    .-= fetus´s last blog ..Scheming Your Next Escapade =-.

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