Nose Bleed

So I woke up today to get to work. While still trying to decide whether to get out of bed or stay for a couple more minutes, I noticed that my nose started to drip. I thought that it’s one of those colds but then I realized I didn’t wake up with a clogged nose. I tried to wipe it off and that’s when I realized it’s nothing close to my colds. It’s blood. I immediately got out of bed and found me some tissue to stuck it in there to prevent the blood from pouring then I went back to bed to incline my head to stop the blood. I got alarmed coz the last time I remember having these episodes was when I was young and when I get sick. I tried to understand why my nose was bleeding. Maybe it was because of the heat of the summer. Or perhaps being too tired or stressed from everything. Well, whatever provoked it, I hope it doesn’t come back.

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