"No Longer My Home"

I’ve decided to post my favorite Praise Songs on a weekly basis.

Why Praise Songs? I believe that this is my way of communicating with God since I rarely go to church on Sundays. My 2 church buddies left the country and I couldn’t find the courage to go to church on Sundays alone. I will be posting praise songs every Sunday from now on. This will be my “Food for the Soul” entries. If you have been following my site, I have already posted 2 songs from the past Sundays: Homesick and How Can I Keep from Singing.

Today, I am featuring a composition from a very talented artist here in Cebu. With the Lord’s help, he was able to create this truly magnificent song. The first time I heard him sing this on their service, I cried. Homer Cang truly possess such rare talent and he considers this a gift from God. I am so happy that I was able to secure a copy of this song. I never forgot this song and its one of those songs that kept my phone battery drained.  I aim to share with you the joy I feel whenever I hear this song and its message. I hope you like it. It’s my favorite!

Words and music by Homer Cang

You are the King of kings
Creator of everything
Yet You gave up Your Son
Your Only One
To pay the price for my sins

What more can I ask from You?
In whom will I trust but You?
You’re the lamp to my feet
You’re all I need
In Your presence I will sing

I give You my all
Take full control
I lay down my life before Your throne

And I thank you, my Lord
You made me Your own
And today I will say
That this world is no longer my home

I surrender to You my life
A living sacrifice
Whatever I do
I do for You
May Your Name be glorified

At times I stumble and fall
Still You hear me when I call
Your mercies are new
Every morning
When I’m weak You make me strong

Please click here to listen to the song 🙂


Update: Homer Cang’s website is still under construction. If you want to listen to the song, you can go to this link.

I’m no longer posting praise songs too like what I originally wrote above but I still love this particular song 🙂


  1. i love church song. makes me feel so relaxed.

    very nice doi!thanks for sharing.

  2. Eddie Garcia says

    Hey Doi,

    I really enjoyed the song. It had a great message and I am thankful that the earth we enjoy now is not where eternity will be spent. Praise be to God that He has it all worked out, especially if we do our part to get there (heaven). Thanks for the post!

    Eddie Garcia’s last blog post..Network Marketing Courtesy

  3. Es: Thanks! Yeah, I feel a deep sense of serenity when I listen to Worship Songs 😉

    Eddie: I’m glad you liked the song 🙂

  4. i’m blessed with diz song ” no longer my home ‘, infact i love to include diz in my sundays line up songs.


  5. I’m from Chicago and a friend of mine mentioned your name to me and finally found this website.Unfortunately, I could not get through to listen the song, but no worries, I’ve heared so much great things ’bout you…amazing things! may God continually bless you with your awesome work.

  6. anitnelav says

    i love this song also. every time i play it, it takes me to the deep recesses of my soul.

  7. anitnelav says

    i’d like to have this song on my phone also. can i? 🙂


    doi, does this song “NO LONGER MY HOME” have an MP3 on the web? i tried searching it to different christian sites, i found none. if you can post it, i’ll be very glad. thank you and God Bless

  9. I love this song! The best link I can give you to listen is this http://soundcloud.com/homercang/no-longer-my-home-radio-version Enjoy! God Bless and Bless God!

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