We Filipinos have a unique way of giving nicknames. We normally repeat the shortened version of their names. As for me, I’m fond of calling my friends different names too. I modify my friend’s names. Here are some of the names I gave them:

1. Christine = Teen or Teen2x = Chien-Chien
2. Audrey = Hoooodrey
3. Debbie = Deb-Deb
4. Daisy = Dese
5. Praline = Pra-Pra (shortened version of “praning”, w/c means crazy/paranoid 😆 )
6. Wynsum = Tam-tam or Wyntam
7. Pia = Piyaya
8. Florence = Purinse (a hand sanitizer)

I find it cute and funny when I modify their nicknames. I hope they don’t get offended by it. hehehe

What’s worse was during high school. Back then, others named others with names like “libat” (cross-eyed), “kigwa” (worm), etc and these got stuck to those persons. When we see them, we call them as such. 😆

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