Natasha Richardson dies after Ski Accident

While doing my rounds of blog hopping the other day, I read an article about how Natasha Richardson was rushed to a hospital in New York after suffering some head injuries from a ski accident in Montreal.  Then today I read from one of the news online that she already died. I wasn’t really sure if that was true so I had to do some searches to confirm the matter. And indeed she died, at 45 years old.

She sustained a head injury after falling from a beginner’s skiing lesson. Her instructor immediately called the ski patrol and was brought back to the bottom of the slope. She was not wearing any helmet. She was able to get on her feet and mentioned that she was fine. An hour later, she complained of having a headache and was brought to a hospital in Montreal. Then she was transferred to a hospital in New York. She was declared brain dead when she arrived in New York. Yesterday, Natasha Richardson’s life support was taken off.

It was reported that Liam Neeson, her husband, who was filming the movie Chloe in Toronto, immediately rushed to the hospital upon learning of the accident.

Last semester, our class had a film showing of the movie Nell and her performance in that movie was still fresh in my memory. Although I’m not really a fan of her, I was really shocked by this sad news.  She was a great actress.

She appeared on the movies Nell, Parent Trap, and Maid in Manhattan among others.





  1. tragic, isn’t it?

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