my workstation

Got the dream job I wanted. Not travelling around the world though, or some other easy jobs.

Well, as far as I can recall, I have always imagined myself working alone facing the PC with no one else to disturb me. And alas! I got what I wanted finally. Due to seating issues in the other building, one of my colleagues had to move back in our office. And since we lack seats and we can’t afford to work on shifting schedules due to the demand of our job, I just volunteered to be the sacrificial lamb and moved to another room in another “site”. Technically, it’s just one building, but with a different entrance. This new office is only occupied by 2 persons. Me and one other colleague who went on maternity leave. That leaves me working alone at night in this secluded part of the building. To prevent goosebumps, I just plug my iPod on the  speakers and listen to music as I work on my tasks. This is life! Peaceful and no one to disturb me when I’m  cramming on finishing my reports. I like!

like my desk? 🙂 this is where i spend more than 8 hours of my time staring at Excel sheets. shacks!

Notice all those fluffy toys? My favorite’s the white doggy which I only bought for P50 during a Christmas bazaar at the lobby of our building. The giraffe monitor headband, the dangling sheep beside it and the bears were all given to me. Then there’s also Chicken Little, Master Shifu and 2 more toys. I still plan to add more to that. I’ll probably look for another fluffy toy at a bargain price to add to my collection. hehehe. I have a complete Kung Fu Panda Toy set hidden on my lateral drawer.  A new addition to my toys is the elephant pillow on top. Bought that for my sister as a present after I came  back on a trip from Thailand. But after two years of being neglected and dumped on one corner of her room, I finally took the pillow, whose packaging was filled with dust, and brought it to work…without her knowledge of course! ahahaha.

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