My Wishlist

It’s funny how long I’ve neglected this blog. Such a looooong time!

When checking the sidebars, I found some that are no longer applicable to me and started cleaning up. And then I saw the wishlist part that I probably created a year ago.

I hurriedly updated the list in my Widget editor bar and got rid of what I no longer need.  Since I’m now backpacking in SEA, am definitely not gonna need a 23″ Samsung monitor. That one was supposed to be for my monitor back at home. I also don’t need a backpack anymore since I decided I’d stick with my 26L TNF Amira backpack. Upgraded some items I listed down and basically trimmed everything to the essential things I’d like to have for now.

Am not too sure though when I’d acquire these items. For now, all will remain to be items I wish to acquire. I hope I do get to own one of those things I listed on top. Donations are highly appreciated and encouraged!  😉

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