My Stamp Album

Warning: Do not laugh at the front cover. 😆 There were no other albums available back when I bought this (high school days)


I’ll soon post my stamp collections here. Nothing much really. I have a couple of stamps from Australia and USA. Then some from Germany, Italy, Finland, Netherlands and uhmmm…where’s Helvetia?

There are also stamps from Indonesia, Singapore, K.S.A., Thailand, Qatar, Jordan, and of course, my home sweet home, Philippines.

And them some crazy stamps-wannabe from WWF. Yep! WWF a.k.a. World Wrestling Federation 😆

I’ll tell you more about it on my next blogs. See yah!


  1. ano nga yung tawag sa nangungulikta ng stamps?nasa tip ng tongue ko pero di ko masabi eh..hehe!

  2. My Pink Shoelace says

    doi doi doi basin nahan ka swap ta ug stamps hehehe i have a huge collection of stamps pud …

  3. the accurate term is “philatelist.” but stamp collector is fine, too. 🙂

    your stamp album is so….kawaii! hehe. i also have an old one from when i was in high school, but it looked like a “normal” stamp album. hehe. i brought it here with me in the states.

    fortuitous faery’s last blog post..mourning for "the man from manila"

  4. ahh, yes, email is faster but i still love occasional snail mail. it’s so much more personal and tangible. 🙂

    fortuitous faery’s last blog post..very victorian

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