My Sister’s Artwork

glass Christmas decor

My sister arrived late one night and when she saw that I was still up, she showed me a photo on her Blackberry phone. What I saw was an unfinished painting on their office glass wall. She drew this herself, her first artwork after her charcoal painting days back when we were still in grade school. She seemed happy knowing that after all these years, she hasn’t lost her artistic touch. She’s more of the naturally gifted artist than I am and I am also proud that she was able to create this “masterpiece” albeit copying it from a picture she found online.

here’s the source of my sister’s first masterpiece

Not that I’m biased because we’re blood-related but I prefer her version of the painting than the original one 😀

More Christmas glass art designs in their office courtesy of her budding talent…

glass door decor of an angel

On those 3 glass partitions, she drew the outline of the images and asked her colleague to add a water-based paint to add color to the drawings


  1. Nindot cya doi! 😀

  2. Pink MagaLine says

    Your sister has a talent to boast! She’s doing a great job with those glass paintings. I particularly like the angel. Thumbs up! 😀

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