My Room’s New Look

I have a very small bedroom. In fact, it’s not even my own room. I used to share a room with my sister. But after my brother left for school and moved out of our place, I inherited his tiny room.

When my mom finally realized that the room is too small for me, she decided to extend a portion of the room and had a small closet built. I was hoping it would be a walk-in closet but when my mom meddled and messed up the closet design that I wanted, the walk-in closet became a step-in closet instead. 🙁

my small room

That’s my room on top. I asked my mom to paint one side of the wall green and have black colored doors.

Most of the time, I don’t sleep in my room. I dunno why but my room ends up becoming my dumping area whenever I have too much stuff. Where do I sleep? On our comfy television couch. 😆 I also tried to setup a small office in my room but for some unknown reason, I find it hard working in there. Probably it’s the heat. My mom refuses to let me install an air conditioning unit in it.

When I decided to go on a backpacking trip, my mom pleaded for me to go home since she couldn’t understand the reason why I had to live abroad on a limited budget when I can simply live in our house at no extra cost. I have issues with my living space, you see. Which was also why when my mom discussed her frustration to my sister, my sister failed to hold her tongue and simply told my mom I don’t like my room. Well, that was partly true.

When I learned of what she told my mom, I had to scold her and ask why she had to say that. I know my mom too well. Because of what my sister said, she’ll make changes to my room so that I’d have reason to go home and stay. The same thing happened when I stopped sleeping in my room because we found a snake in there. I pleaded with her for years to cover the cemented exhaust window on the wall of my room but she turned a deaf ear on me. I think I have to thank the snake for showing up in our room, otherwise, she wouldn’t give in to my request.

And I wasn’t mistaken. A few weeks after her conversation with my mom, my sister messaged me and told me that my mom made a few changes to my room.

When I came home, I saw that she added one of our old 14” television on my work corner, hang 2 frames, and added a hanging wicker lamp, which she got from my sister’s bedroom. She dismantled the full length mirror and hung it in the wall. She also rearranged my shoe box and told me that the only thing lacking in there is air condition. Wow! I wonder what changed her mind. 😆 I’d have to give credit to my mom. My room really looked appealing.

However, I failed to use my room when I came home since my aunt visited us. I lent her my room while I slept in our couch. My thing from my trip slept on my sister’s bed. When she left, I still continued sleeping in the couch. I had to clean my room first before I occupy it. As in clean up everything and remove all the unnecessary things I could find in there. I even emptied have of the clothes in my closet since I won’t be needing them. After my 5-month backpacking trip, I realized I really don’t need all of those earthly possessions. The clean up really took a long time to finish since I was also delaying it.

A month after my aunt left, I finally finished the clean up, except for 3 boxes and a small cabinet that I  had to sort. 😆 I also decided to rearrange a few things in it. I had to remove the television since it will be useless inside the room. I seldom watch TV and it doesn’t have cable in it. Pointless. It will only eat up space in my very tiny room. I also told my mom and asked her permission that I might sell my bed and replace it with a sofa bed to add more space to my room. But after the changes I made to the room earlier, I think I’ll see if the room’s new arrangement will suit me better. 😉

new look of my room

I’ve always wanted my workspace near the window and after measuring my cabinet and the work table that I use, I decided to switch those furniture. The best thing I did to the room is transform the hanging lamps into my dangling earrings holder. 😆 And I also finally found a place for my 2 figurines, those cute dolls I bought at Chatuchak Park, Bangkok last Feb. 2011. 😀

So far, I liked what I did to the room. I just need to find a smaller electric fan since I find the one I’m using too big for the room’s space. I also need to shop for cute curtains and probably add 3 layers of book shelves on the side of my new work area to get rid of the bare look and to make it look like a work area 😉 As for the vacant white space on the other side of the room, I’m still thinking what I’ll do with it. I bought this small painting from a blogger online and I’ve been meaning to have that framed. I hope I can do that soon.

I just hope that with my room’s new look, I’ll be enticed to sleep in there more often and work efficiently too. hehe.

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