My Pillsbury Hotcake Mouse Pad

Ever since I lost the Hello Kitty mouse pad in Bangkok, which my sister gave to me after her trip to Japan a week before a tsunami hit that country,  I’ve been using different sorts of mouse pads. Some of the mouse pads I had used were brochures that I gathered during my travels within Siem Reap and Bangkok.

Now that I’m back home, I tried searching for my Hello Kitty’s twin. Since I haven’t found it yet, I’m using different items and one of the items that I found convenient to use as my mouse pad is this box of Pillsbury Hotcake that my sister bought.

I haven’t found the time to cook the pancake yet and since the box is sitting idly on a corner, I thought I’d better put it to good use by using it as my mouse pad.

So here it is…I present to you my flavor of the day mousepad! 😆

Pillsbury Hotcake mouse pad

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