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So, to my regular visitors, I guess you’ve noticed that I changed my theme, right? hehehe. Why? Well, let’s put it this way. Honestly, I really liked my old theme but I have been having issues with my site forever for the past couple of months and I figured that if it’s not my webhosting provider, it must me the theme or some codes I added when I tweaked my theme. I thought I fixed the virus issue on the site. Then last week, I again received word from a couple of my friends that my site has a virus again. Toinks! To make matters worse, Entrecard sent me an email telling me that they have deleted my account because of the virus. Whatda??? The word was “DELETED”. Not suspended, or On Hold but deleted. I  really got upset about the email. Entrecard is where I rely most of the traffic coming in from my site. And to think that I have over 24000 credits which will just be deleted.

So I called my tech support to get the problem fixed and all they say is that I have a corrupted index file and that I should upload a fresh copy of my index file. Duh? As if I know how! So I asked them if they could do it for me and they said they can’t since they don’t have a copy of my index file. Waaaa! I really hate how they are not proactive and all. Trying to be the techy me, I tried to check my FTP files and find where the index file is. And then I discovered that there were actually a lot of them from each folders, I think.

So the rest is history. I backed up my files and contacted my tech support again to reset my account. Then I started working from scratch. I found this cool theme and at first I really had no idea that the header images of the theme rotates till I uploaded it on my site. I really find it cool being able to choose the pictures for my header. 😀   This is probably the best feature this theme offers.

Also had a problem loading the backup XML file since it won’t finish loading. Gives me an error message and after doing some searches in Google, I found the solution and I successfully uploaded all my posts. However, another problem occurred and is still ongoing as of date. Apparently, the pictures that I uploaded straight to my WordPress account failed to load when I imported the backup XML file I saved on my drive. So right now, I have to manually load everything again. There are like 5 pages to my Media Library and I’m down to 1 page, 4 more to go. I’ll probably upload the pictures over the weekend.

What I don’t like about this theme is that it doesn’t have an “Edit” link on every post when I’m logged in. Having bit of a problem with the Widget settings of the Sidebar too. I find the area where I post my shoutbox out of place. I’ll have to adjust some settings on the theme editor.

I am happy to announce that Entrecard re-activated my account again after being “DELETED” for I think 2 1/2 days. My EC credits are intact too. I just wish they’d rather tell site owners who have virus issues that their accounts have been suspended or something, not deleted. To those who tried to drop on my Entrecard box and failed for the last 3 days, I apologize for the inconvenience but you can start dropping back now. 🙂

Well, I just hope that with everything reset and fresh, I won’t have virus problems or database problems on this site anymore.


  1. Glad to see you back and happy you were able to get everything straightened out. I like your new theme, have a great weekend.
    .-= Jude´s last blog ..My Last Depressing Post =-.

  2. hi jude. thanks!

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