My new sandals

My sister left for Tacloban 2 weeks ago. She will be based there for 2 years, I think. After she left, I immediately went to their room to check what stuff she brought with her, thinking that finally her closet will be free from clutter. To my dismay, the contents of her closet still looked the same. Meaning? Her closet was still full of her clothes! ๐Ÿ˜† My sister is on the vain side when it comes to clothing and stuff and almost every week, she sees to it that she has new clothes. My parents no longer knew what to do with her. So I was guessing that she brought with her new stuff she bought and left the old ones in her closet.

Anyway, as I checked her stuff, I noticed a Charles & Keith shoebox placed inside a paper bag and I checked its contents immediately.

I found a pair of gray low heeled open toe thong sandals and I wondered why she didn’t bring this with her. It’s still brand new. I thought she left it on purpose. Then on another paper bag, I saw a huge shoulder bag, still brand new too. It was screaming with shimmer/shine all over it and the color of the bag is gray. I tried to check how it looks on me and I find it weird since it squeaks due to the material used to make the bag. I left both items where I found them since I had no intention of using them.

A week passed and my sister came back from the neighboring island. I was about to sleep when she arrived so I askedย  her how she’s been. She aked me if she looked fat already since she can’t help but eat where she relocated. There’s nothing much to do there, she said. Then after she went to her room, she came out bringing the pair of sandals and asked me if I’ve seen it already. I said “yes”. She then asked me if I wanted to have it since it’s looks loose on her feet. We have the same size, my sister and I. Size 35 for sandals but I go for a size higher for certain types of closed shoes.ย  I immediately said “ok”. I asked her how come she bought it if it’s loose on her feet. She said that it looked ok when she bought it and considering the place where she relocated, she can’t afford exposing her feet since it’s too sunny there. She doesn’t want to risk burning her feet. ๐Ÿ˜†

She also added that she bought a bag to pair with the sandals and told me I can have it too. I just told her it sounded funny. But after using it one time, I got used to it and really thought that the bag wasn’t that bad after all.

Honestly, I was really…should I say “shocked”? or surprised? Well, both…I’m really surprised and shocked at this kind gesture from her. I know that we share a lot of stuff but I never thought she would easily give up on those new things she bought and give it away.

Well, whatever her reasons were, I’m grateful that she gave it to me. hehehe. at least I won’t have to buy a new bag or a new pair of sandals. I hope she continues to be this generous all the time. ๐Ÿ˜†

my new sandals


  1. they look lovely! ^_^
    .-= Emz´s last blog ..I’m a Mag Hag =-.

  2. wow, nice loot.
    .-= maggie´s last blog ..Of Philippine Cinema and Television =-.

  3. yes indeed. thanks for visiting. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. i know. hehehe…lucky me ๐Ÿ˜†
    thanks for the visit maggie ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. lucky you. both sandals and purse are pretty. i like the color too.
    .-= alf´s last blog ..Dog Shampoo =-.

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