My Ilocos Adventure

I haven’t slept since 11am yesterday. And today is the ultimate day! I didn’t sleep yet since I was trying hard to see if I can setup the website before I leave town. But I guess I won’t have any luck on that aspect.

Anyway, the last 2 days has been so stressful “daw” for me since I still have no idea where we’ll start our trip. I wasn’t sure if the right IT would be Laoag – Vigan, Vigan – Pagudpud – Laoag or Laoag – Pagudpud – Vigan. Pagudpud was far from my thoughts when I conceptualized this tour. But due to the numerous blogs I’ve read, I guess it’s really a must-see. It’s also practical to include it in our IT since most of the beautiful places in Ilocos Norte are near this area. So unless we’ll change our minds again, our final IT is Laoag – Pagudpud – Vigan.

I was able to contact someone who can be our guide and tour us to almost all of the famous places in Ilocos Norte. I only have 2 dilemmas on this tour… #1 Budget (i guess we’ve spent most of it during the Holidays) and #2 My sister. She’s so picky and wouldn’t even settle bringing a knapsack. She said she’ll be bringing a luggage. She can’t use a knapsack since she’s sickly these days and can’t endure carrying one. Waaaaaaaaaa!!! I wanted her to bring a carry-in bag so that we don’t have to deposit our luggage. We need to race to the bus terminal in Pasay to book us a ticket for the tour. And checking in a luggage is a definite no-no. But I have no choice! Argh!

My brother and I originally planned to go on this backpacking adventure with the plan of spending less, way less than the average. But when my sister decided to join us, everything changed. She said she’ll bring her laptop too. Can you imagine that? There’s a part of me that wants her to change her mind and stay behind but the other part wants me to let her go with us due to the following reasons: #1 Bonding Moments with the Siblings; #2 She has a good camera – 8MP (otherwise, we’ll be using my phone camera – 5 MP) and #3 she can supply most of the needed funds for this tour. hehehe *wink-wink* Actually, I haven’t seen her pack her stuff yet. I wonder if she had decided to stay… hmmm….

Our flight leaves in the afternoon and we’ll be arriving in Manila tonight. Then we’ll head off to the bus terminal to embark on the 10-12 hours trip to the North.

As for now, I think I better sleep. I have to stop typing, I guess…

Will probably post the pictures of the trip on the new site, whenever it works. LOL

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