My First Time

I guess when you start blogging and you get used to it so much it becomes a habit. This may explain what I’m doing now. Maybe technology really plays a major role here. It really pays to have gadgets that you can rely at times when you need it. Equipped with my Nokia N82, I’m typing this entry on the Notes of my phone just to blog about this first experience.

I’m in the hospital now, my very first! Waaaaa. After a lot of trips to the bathroom coupled with vomiting, I finally decided to go to the hospital for fear of dehydration. I will never forget the excruciating pain that I felt when the nurse inserted the needle on my hand.


They diagnosed amoebiasis. I’m better now but I’m dreading the time when they’ll have to remove the IV. Huhuhu 😥

I guess I’m bored here in the hospital which explains why I’m doing this entry.


I attempted to post this entry using my phone but the copy+paste feature of the phone doesn’t work when one is browsing.  I guess a course in cosmetology is much easier than this. tsk tsk tsk

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