My first hiking experience

all geared up for the hike

It was a painful feat accomplishing what I had in mind that hour. Painful since the back of my left knee hurt after the hike. I guess this was the same leg where something snapped at the back of my knee when I climbed up a hill after zip lining at the Adventure Café in Balamban. Since the cables going back the café wasn’t finished yet at that time, we had to climb a short path to head back to the café. The pain could have also been due to the lack of stretching before I started the walk but then again, the pain was just on one leg (scratching my head wondering what could be the cause of the pain).

Anyway, I had to pay the overdue bill of my ISP provider today and I thought of hiking  to reach the place instead of driving or commuting. Since I was at home, the closest office was located a few kilometers from where I live. Pardon me for not giving the exact figures of the distance since I’m dumb when it comes to analyzing distances, meters, kilometers, yards, can’t relate eh. LOL. But I came back the house after 1 hour and 30 minutes. So that’s how far it was, less the time I spent waiting for my turn in the payment center. I think it was an hour that I walked the streets of Mandaue earlier.

After I made up my mind about the walk, I immediately geared up and placed the money in my pocket. I was not supposed to bring anything but I figured I should still bring a few bucks in case something comes up. I was also eyeing on buying a Black Gulaman from Chowking, which I love. So with my money secured and leaving my phone and keys behind, I left the house and started my walk.

I took the A.C. Cortes Avenue route going to Highway Mandaue and although I tried hard to decide whether to take the road going to Guizo, I opted for the wider roads of A.C. Cortes. But when I was nearing the intersection of Ibabao, I realized that I made the wrong move. The route I took was farther than the other route and half of me was already arguing with my other half that I should make a left to Ibabao St. to cut the trip. The other half won, so I continued the long walk. My hands started to get numb, maybe from the blood which cannot circulate properly from the walk (?) – me making up excuses why the hands were numb. But I still continued to go on, while still thinking I could have taken the shorter route.

After paying the bill, I completely forgot about the Black Gulaman and headed home. This time, I chose the route going to Mandaue proper passing by the public market and the back of the city hall. And when I made a left turn and found my feet walking our street, I felt happy and relieved.  Told myself this would be over soon.

So although I was in pain from that left leg, I was still happy that I finally started doing what I’ve long wanted to do…that is to hike long distances – which will eventually lead to running. Really can’t wait to get started with this.


  1. wooot! whatahike! 😀
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