My First Attempt at Blogging

Hahaha…So this is how it feels! Feeling ignorant…. My very so reliable friend is nowhere to be found. I was kinda counting on him to help me start this blog and eventually help me when i signed in coz i was definitely clueless when i need to register, especially when i was asked to enter a …was that the “blog title” box??? waaaaaaa…anyway, here goes! let me try and post this now…hihihi…and i’m crossing my fingers that i could still edit everything! hahaha…ok…this is my 3rd edit…nyahaha…i can’t see the post! huhuhu…let me try again…


  1. wow doi, blogging!!! haha.
    sorry i was knocked out at the time.
    im going back to school!

  2. eds! yeah! so i’ver heard! goodluck! I proud u! LOL

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