My Favorite Anime Song

I have been looking for this song for a very very long time until I forgot about it completely. I suddenly remembered this song yesterday and tried to search for it. I was really glad that I found it at long last! Honestly, I don’t have a clue what the song means. And to give you an idea, I fall in love with a song through its melody and not through its lyrics.

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The song Real is the ending theme to the anime series Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure. I got hooked at watching this anime in AXN-Asia years ago.

Here’s the lyrics to the song…

nakameru sora no shita, sorezore no mainichi ga meguru
kagayaku hoshi no shita, sorezore no omoi ga machi o terashite iru
boku wa taikutsu na no ni, nakete kurunda
ki ga tsuite nai ne, boku ga itsu mo omou koto

kikoete iru yo, todoite iru yo, boku no naka no sekai de
tsuyogari dakedo, sunao ni narezu, itsu mo karamawari suru
demo daiji na no wa, “ima, soba ni iru, kimi no REAL”

iki kau hitobito ga, me no mae o toori sugite yuku
zawameku kaze no ne ga, kikioboe no aru koe o, boku ni hakobu
konna mainichi na no ni, tada, tsurenainda
ki ga tsuite nai ne, boku ga kimi o omou koto…

wakaranai koto, kiite miru koto, kotoba ni suru to naze ka
susumitai no ni, susumitai no ni, itsu mo karamawari suru

demo kotae wa, tada, “ima, soba ni iru, kimi ga REAL”

kikoete kuru yo, todoite kuru yo, boku no naka no sekai de
aitai koto mo, aenai koto mo, kokoro ni wa kakaeteru
demo daiji na no wa, “ima, soba ni iru, kimi no REAL”

demo daiji na no wa, “ima, soba ni iru, kimi no REAL”


Yey! I found the translation of the song!

Under the watchful sky
Each of our days come and go
Under the sparkling stars
Each of our thoughts light up the city

I’m only feeling bored
But it makes me cry
I don’t realize
What I always think

Chorus 1

Yes I hear you,
Yes your voice
It reaches the world inside me

Acting tough
Unable to be honest
Never seeming to get anywhere
But the most important thing
Is the reality

Of you here with me…


  1. this is a lovely song!
    i remembered liking it when i first catch the anime back then. =)

    levian’s last blog post..trailer: transformers 2009..

  2. I love theme songs from anime, they are always either really sweet or just fun. My favorite is Ready Steady Go, from Fullmetal Alchemist.

    Sharon’s last blog post..Awesome new coat

  3. I’ve always loved this song, too. It has a very comfortable fel to it.
    Now if only they had a translation for the full version…

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