my doodles and sketches using a Bamboo Pen

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L-R: Ed, Praline & Val Ramirez, moi, Verge

Last night, Ed and I chilled at Praline’s place where Verge “conducted” a crash course workshop involvingdiscussions on Photoshop, WordPress Themes and Blogging.

Verge is our MASTER WEB DESIGNER. He is soooo talented and he is the artist behind the cool new header of

We learned a lot from the workshop. We just didn’t appreciate the intermittent connection we experienced with Globelines. It was really a hassle.

Towards the end of the workshop, I borrowed Verge’s Bamboo Pen and started sketching. Here’s my doodles and sketches. Pardon the artwork for it kinda resembled drawings of an 8-year old kid. Hahahaha


1st drawing…Fido Dido?

I first started drawing from MS Paint. After the first drawing, we installed the Bamboo Pen’s drivers which allowed me to make use of the tablet’s pad with ease. So I opened Adobe Photoshop CS4 and started drawing there.


lion king, is that you? LOL

I couldn’t control the pen so what started out as a slim nose, turned into a big nose. Instead of drawing a person’s face, I ended up drawing a lion’s due to that big nose. LOL


I used to know how to draw Dexter of Dexter’s Lab. I think I forgot how already. So I end up drawing doodles too. The one in the middle’s supposed to be Dexter.


girl in uniform

Verge, taught me how to use layers to apply colors in my drawings. I’d say that it was very mind boggling -learning how to use those layering stuff + adjusting to the bamboo pen.


And for the “masterpiece”, my future birthday Cake. 3 candles x 10 this coming October. waaaaaa!

One thing’s for sure. I’m definitely getting a Bamboo Pen to bring out the child in me more often. hahaha.

Donations are welcome if you must insist! 😀


  1. this was one of my best learning experience with the masters as well… with master doi, and master ed and of course you pro-ness praline and val… thanks a lot sa time guys! looking forward to next get together!

    • yeah! verge, thank you for sharing your knowledge too! looking forward to our next session nasad. 🙂

  2. nice jud ayo ang layout sa ceburoadtrip!!! pang pro kaayo jud xa hehehe…
    fetus´s last blog post ..Philippines’ Habal-habal

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