My Broken Mares Fins

So, barely a year after I bought my first snorkeling fins, it finally gave up on me. And to think my friend suggested that I buy Mares fins for their durability. Tsk.

I’m sad because my investment of P1,060 for this fins didn’t last forever. Oh well.

Last March, during my latest freediving practice in the waters of Boljoon, Cebu, my fins quit on me.

What happened was that we had to swim for 3 hours back and forth not-so-strong currents and I guess that the pressure I placed on the fins was too much for it to handle. You see, on the photo below, the right fin already showed cracks during our practice before that unfortunate Boljoon freediving session. The left fin was still fine. Despite the crack, I still used it thinking that it won’t get worse. But I think that those rough seawaters were too rough for those cracks that when we transferred to the town of Dalaguete to continue our swims, I finally noticed that huge tear on the fins that I had difficulty freediving under the sea. My friend noticed how I struggled to dive and I think he noticed the long tear on the fins and called my attention. Heart broken.

broken mares fins

Seeing that there’s no point swimming the area with broken fins, I decided to go back to the shore instead. When I reached the shore and took off the fins, I noticed that the left fin started having their own set of tears too. Bad!

Now, am on the verge of deciding whether to buy new fins and this time, freediving fins or if I’ll just settle for cheap ones. I need to weigh this properly since the free diving fins are really expensive. Am still trying to look for the best ones out there and I have till Monday to make the decision as I will be needing it for a trip down south soon.

I just hope that my Mares fins could have lasted for a year. Oh well. That’s life. hehehe


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