My Broken Glasses

For the past 2 months, I have been trying to settle on using my eyeglass, which was starting to fall apart. I don’t use the special cloth enclosed with it to wipe the lens so I ended up scratching the sort of protective layer that I requested added to the lens. I was actually fine with the scratches since most of the time I wore contact lenses and I only use the glasses at home.

One time, one of the lens popped. I was glad that I was able to fix it. The screw of the frame loosened which made the lens pop. This happens from time to time and I managed to screw it back to its place.

However, the other day as I removed my glasses, the lens popped again, popping the screw with it. I was standing on top of a dark flooring and there were too many stuff lying there which made it impossible for me to retrieve the screw 🙁 I have no time to have the glasses replaced yet and as of this moment, my eyes are crippled. My Las Vegas Show Tickets are useless if I don’t have my eyeglasses. Until I can visit the optical shop and ask if they have a spare screw or buy a new pair of eyeglasses, I’ll have to make do without it. I only wear my contacts when I go to work. For now, I’ll have to settle with blurry images at home. hehehe. My grade isn’t that high. It’s just 2.0, I think (not sure if + or – )



  1. Fantastic blogs you have, great..I like your site, Thank you

  2. Time to get a replacement doi doi doi
    .-= My Restless Feet´s last blog ..Annoying =-.

  3. Make sure to consult with your doctor about your lifestyle and specific vision problems to farther help you determine which lenses are best for you. Contact Lenses

  4. lazaro perez coto says

    I lost the top screws of my Slimfold Readers Slimfold II w/Case eyeglasses. I will appreciate if you inform me where I can buy those screws. Thanks.

  5. haay… can’t afford one pa weng..

  6. thanks for the tip and for dropping by! 🙂

  7. Hi! I have no idea where to get one. But if you are looking for a generic/standard screw, the best way it so go to your local optical shop. They normally have spare screws. I had mine replaced and I only paid (P10.00 or that’s around $0.20).

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