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Early this morning, while discussing with Ed about our online jobs and the thought of acquiring domain names, I mentioned to him that my site has turned a year so he asked me how much I have earned  so far. I never really kept track of my earnings so I got curious too. I pulled up PayPal and generated some reports to check my earnings.

Indeed it has been a year since I created this site and the primary reason why I created this website was to earn money online. And I was able to achieve it. I’d like to show you my cash flow after a year from opening this site.


The money I earned helped a lot in paying up bills. Creating this site also paved way for more travel adventures, meeting new friends and the chance to win contests.

It wasn’t really difficult earning all those money. With dedication and determination, you too can achieve what I have achieved. But with those paid opportunities, I lost my Page Rank. At the same time, with a few mistakes in accepting different varieties of Ads, I lost Google Adsense. However, I am planning to get Google Adsense back after I do a major overhaul on this site. As to when that will happen, I don’t know. As for now, what I’m dying to do is change the theme of my site again to something more user friendly because there are broken codes in there somewhere which I can’t fix. A good example is the Gravatar logo in my comments box. Although I really love my header, I’ll just have to find some decent themes for the site when I have the time.

As for blogging, I came to love what I’m doing here on top of the the money I earned.  So I will still continue to blog the stuff that I love to talk about, travels, food and such. Just stick around for more updates. 🙂

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