My Birthday Gifts

Yesterday, I received the most amazing gifts from my sister and another friend 😉 Technically, I already received online gifts 2 days before my day and I was so happy about it 😀 I wish it’s always my birthday so that I can get more online opportunities like that. hehehe

The day before my day, my sister asked me what gift I want to receive. I didn’t hesitate to list down what I wanted. 😆

Some of the birthday wishlists I gave her included the following:

  • camera
  • netbook
  • Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch
  • snorkeling set
  • yoga mat
  • borrowing her camera till I find a replacement for my broken camera
  • a special favor w/c doesn’t cost anything at all 😉

I know it would take a million years before she’d actually give me some of the more expensive items in there but who knows right? 😆

In the end, she gave me a Mares Alize Snorkel Mask and a Mares Sailor Snorkel. I flipped the moment I saw them. I couldn’t wait to use them! It was also the perfect timing since I’m planning to go to the beach with friends at the end of the month.
(Update: Just confirmed a beach outing tomorrow. weeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it…)

I thanked my sister for the gift and told her that I’ll wait for the fins this coming Christmas. LOL.

Another friend gave me the yoga mat 😉 Been trying (well not really) to find one that’s cheap but the stores always ran out of stocks. So when I received the gift-wrapped yoga mat, I immediately knew what’s in it. hehehe. With that mat, I’m hoping I can continue doing my health routine when I backpacked in Siem Reap and Bangkok 😉

Too bad I forgot to include an iPhone on the list! lol.

My bestfriend Debbie, whom I met from my previous work, also made this beautiful collage. Thank you Deb! 🙂

Happy, happy birthday to one of my bestest friends in the world! Doi, thanks for making my CVG life colorful and fun, for being my patient classmate in SPED, for being my OC live-in partner (aw roommate diay), for always being there for me and yes, for being the reason that I am married now hehehe… Thank you jud daw kaayo ingon si Carlo. haha! I love you to bits Doi, you know that! May you be blessed with all that your heart desires! mwaaaah! ♥ – Carlo & Debbie

I’m so thankful for another life given to me. I’m also grateful for my family and friends who love and support me. You know who you are guys. I love you!

To end my birthday, my friend Cecille decided to go to Coffeecat at IT Park to flush our full tummies with frozen yogurt treats. My bestfriend, Glenda, joined us after her work. I haven’t seen her for the longest time and it was great catching up on old times. 😀 

I didn’t get a birthday cake yesterday but my mom made me a biko cake. hehehe. But since I’ll be celebrating my other birthday in a few days, I’ll just buy a huge one 😉

As for my birthday gift to myself, I decided that a trip to Biri Island in Northern Samar would be the best reward for another year on this planet. Which was why I crossed 2 islands despite the bad weather just to reach the place to witness another one of God’s beatiful creations. 😉

trip to biri island samar

Thank you for everything LORD! I LOVE YOU!!!


  1. yay doi! happy birthday! ka nice sa mares nga snorkel set uy!
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  2. doy kanang mga ‘a special favor w/c doesn’t cost anything at all’ mao nay makalilisang nuon hahahh. basin ang universe na imo gipangayo or dinosaur ba ron hehhe

    happy birthday again! ^_^
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