My Attempt To Go On A Euro Trip

Last June, my friend introduced me to someone who hails from our place. He travelled to Bangkok to process his Schengen visa at the Dutch Embassy. He claimed that it was easier to apply for a tourist visa outside of our country, which explains his trip to Bangkok.

The summer season in Europe was about to start and he planned to go to Netherlands, Sweden, and Italy. He was also looking for holidays in Marmaris. He plans to drop by Turkey to visit his mom before he travels to those countries in Europe. The father of his partner has a farm in Sweden and he was planning to work as a berry picker there. The trip to Marmaris would be ideal so that he can bask under the sun and relax before the Euro trip.

He also told us that after spending his trip in Europe, he plans of going to Puerto Rico in South America. Most of the countries in South America does not require a visa, which is why he is determined to include that in his travel destinations.

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One day, while we were having dinner at Pier 21 inside the Terminal 21 mall in Bangkok, my new friend suddenly had an idea. Since my travel buddy and I do not have any fixed travel plans and we were just killing the time in Bangkok, he asked us if we were interested to join him on his Euro trip. He said he’d help us process our visa requirements.

terminal 21
Terminal 21, Bangkok

My eye started to pop out as I tried to hear what he was saying. After he told us what we needed to do, we agreed to join him. We were supposed to process our Schengen visa application but in the end we didn’t push through. Our friend’s application form got denied. He had to re-apply twice before he got approved. During his second attempt, I was already back home. I had to go home due to a family emergency.

Currently, my friend is roaming around Europe. I just check his Facebook account from time to time to check where he’s been to. I haven’t talked to him about the part time job he was offering us. But I just hope he is doing fine on his Euro trip since he’s travelling alone at the moment.

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