My 2013 Planners and Doodles

I never had any intentions of using a planner since I’m not fond of them. I see it as another means to adding clutter to the storage of garbage I keep in my closet. And I also had no plans of buying one if I were really to have one since I still have an unused 2012 Starbucks Planner that I got from my sister last year. But when I found out that my sister already acquired 3 Starbucks planners for 2013, I just couldn’t resist not asking for one of them. hehehe.

2013 starbucks planner

What I  like about this planner is that it has this cool bookmark magnet, which you see on top of the green planner. I just don’t like it because it’s too big and there’s no place for me to stash my pen. I can’t even bring this outside of the house unless it’s really really needed.

dispatch magazine travel planner

Then all of a sudden, my friend  Brenna also gave me this Dispatch Magazine planner. I didn’t expect getting one.

dispatch magazine planner

I liked this one because of the artsy artsy drawings found inside the planner. I have not used this though but I intend to when I go on a backpacking trip since it’s so light weight. I’m just sad when I found out that the garter that acts as the planner’s lock snapped out of nowhere while it was eating dust in my cabinet.

travel planner

I also received this cute planner from my old boss. I worked for a short while at this fashion accessory company and out of nowhere, she gave me this pink planner on one of those working days.

inside a travel planner

This slim planner is so colorful and what I like about it is that I can use it on any year.

Anyway, I’ve been using the Starbucks planner since the year started. I write in there notes form the day’s happenings. It kinda serves as a reminder of what happened on a particular day. This, I think would be useful for blogging purposes. But sometimes, I don’t find any sense in jotting down updates of my day-to-day activities since I’m just mostly here at home.

notes planner

When there are days that I get bored, I try to practice on my doodle skills. 😆

You want to see my ugly drawings? Scroll down! hahaha


By the way, the planner from Starbucks was a bargain deal I got in exchange for lending my sister my snorkeling set. ehehehe


In case you wonder, I have different hand writings. I can’t make up my mind as to what I wanted to use. It also depends on what type of pen I use.


In case you have noticed, I’m a frustrated artist.

starbucks planner notes

I don’t know how I could ever be good at it but even so, I still plan to buy my own Wacom Tablet someday to practice more. wahehehe.

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