Multifunctional Portable Laptop Desk with Cooling Fan from CDR King

Lenny’s desk is it’s Lenovo laptop box + a shoebox for the mousepad

Ever since I got Lenny, my Lenovo laptop, I have been using its box as my desk whenever I work in my bedroom. I just place it on top of my lap and I place Lenny on top of it. However, for the past few days, I find this setup inconvenient since my legs can’t move freely as it gets pressed with the weight of the laptop box + Lennys. And since I’ll be spending more time with Lenny from now on, I decided I better find a more suitable desk for the laptop.

And so the search began. I fell in love with Logitech’s Portable Lapdesk but it was too pricey. Then I thought of getting a bed tray. It was a good thing that my colleague mentioned that there are laptop desks sold at CDR King. She gave me the link of their official site and indeed there were a couple of laptop desks that fit my needs. After making phone calls at their branches in Ayala, SM, E-mall, Robinsons Cybergate and IT Park, I got hold of a list of the models available at each branch. After scrutinizing three designs at CDR King in SM, which was the closest branch to where I live, I decided to get the wooden Multifunctional Portable Laptop Desk with Cooling Fan with model # TM-ST03.

Multifunctional Portable Laptop Desk with Cooling Fan (Model # TM-ST03)

When I got home, I immediately unwrapped the package and started assembling the furniture.

I was amazed at how easy it was assembling the desk. I thought it would be difficult but it wasn’t. Except for my fingers getting bruised from tightening the screws, the installation was so easy. It took me an hour though to finish assembling the Portable Laptop Desk since I had to switch the bolts for the mousepad.

Lenny’s new desk; timer showing how long I assembled the furniture

Although this is not a foldable desk, I still love it! The 2 built-in cooling fans aren’t that great at all but at least it allows ventillation for the laptop. I had to use a book for my mousepad too since the optical mouse doesn’t work with the desk’s smooth surface. The screw which attaches the mousepad to the desk is also weak and might have the tendency to wobble.

What I love about this desk is that it has ample leg room. I can easily slide my legs underneath the table, which allows me to work conveniently with Lenny. It is also sturdy so I won’t have to worry about breaking it if I decide to get clumsy. At less than $15 (Php680), i think this Multi functional Portable Laptop Desk with Cooling Fan is already a great investment for those who’d want to work online in the comforts of their own bedrooms.


  1. hahaha, ka cute sa desk 😛 I bet u got that feeling like when you have a new toy or something noh:P
    The Photoblogger´s last blog post ..Manufacturing Technology Cebu 2010 expo

  2. Callum Harris says

    i always prefer to use brushless cooling fans because they last longer and needs less maintennance,’~

  3. SuperrrrShielaaa says

    i got the same table 😀 well, not really the same………..but it was from CD-R king for PhP580 minus the mouse pad hehe
    SuperrrrShielaaa´s last blog post ..Improving memory with REM sleep

    • 🙂 i can’t properly use my laptop without the mouse. but just the same, both are good buys from CD-R King! 😀

  4. can the fans be taken off?

    • i have no idea james. i didn’t try taking them off but i guess you can since it was just attached underneath the table 😉

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