Movie Marathon

A week ago, I posted an entry about the movies I watched over the weekend. Yet because of those freaking servers, my site got messed and I’m now rewriting this again. (*sigh*)


After coming home from work, I usually tire myself before going to bed and a better way to do that is  by watching DVDs. I have 3 choices. The Reader, Inkheart and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

I watched the Reader first and it stars Kate Winslet, Ralph Fiennes and David Kross. This is a story of Michael Berg, a 15 year old guy (Kross) who had an affair with an older woman, Hanna Schmitz (Winslet). After their brief affair, Hanna chose to disappear from the Micheal’s life and years later the guy discovers that Hanna is placed on trial, along with others, for their involvement in the death of hundreds of women in the Death March. Michael was studying law at that time and he was observing the court proceedings when he discovers that Hanna was illiterate, which explains why she always asked him to read to her before they have sex while they were still having the affair. He could have done something to save Hanna from the trial but Hanna refused to reveal her secret. She was sentenced to life imprisonment. Michael soon sends cassette tapes of books he recorded so that Hanna could listen to them. And in no time, Hanna learns how to read and write through those recorded tapes and books.

Winslet won a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress, BAFTA Award for Best Actress, Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress and the Academy Award for Best Actress at the 81st Academy Awards for her role in the film.

I had to stop watching the movie midway since my parents arrived. They are more of the conservative traditional type and because of some nudity in the film, I’d rather they not catch me watching it to spare me some questions. hehehe… so I reverted to watching a more wholesome movie, which is Inkheart.

Inkheart is the story of Mortimer “Mo” Folchart (played by Brandon Fraser) who is a Silvertongue. A silvertongue means that they have a gift for bringing characters in the book to the real world when read aloud. He never knew he had this rare gift not until he reads a couple of paragraphs from the book, Inkheart. Soon, villains and a man named Dustfinger (played by Paul Bettany) came out of the book. As for consequences of reading aloud, somebody will disappear into the pages of the book. The unlucky person was his wife. He devoted all the years to search for a copy of the book to read his wife out. He then gets reunited with the villains of the book and they forced him to read out loud books about treasures. They found a way to escape the villains but was forced to go back after discovering that his wife was living in the villain’s castle. She was already read out of the book by someone else. They also discovers that his daughter possess the rare gift he has. This movie is full of adventure and fantasy and its a great movie to watch with your family.

Lastly, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. This movie is the 3rd sequel to the Underworld series. This movie explains the origins of the Lycans. Lucian, played by Michael Sheen, was the first werewolf able to take human form and they were referred to as the Lycans. They were enslaved by Viktor, the ruthless elder of the vampires. They were used to guard Viktor’s clan during the day. Lucian had a forbidden affair with Viktor’s daugther, Sonja. When Viktor found out, he sentenced his daughter to death. This started Lucian’s rage. He called onto the werewolves and Lycans to rebel against the vampires. And soon, all of the vampires were all killed. Lucian thought he already killed Viktor but the vampire managed to escape into the seas. This was the start of the war between vampires and lycans which would go on for centuries. The film ends with the opening scene of the first Underworld, showing Selene (played by Kate Beckinsale) and an audio telling her that it was Viktor who murdered her family and not the Lycans.


I also watched the movie No Reservations at, played by Catherine Zeta-Jones, Abigail Breslin and Aaron Eckhart.

This is a romantic drama film telling the life of master chef Kate (Zeta-Jones) whose life changes as she becomes the guardian of her sister’s daughter after her sister dies from a car accident. This movie shows her struggles to adjust and meet the expectations of her niece. Her job is  also challenged too after her boss hires an Italian-trained cook Nick who was played by Eckhart. A chemistry soon forms while the two worked together. But the Kate’s job is more challenged as Nick got offered Kate’s job.


  1. Ah, I remember when I had the time to do movie marathons, and brag about it to everyone. But alas, no such time for me now. Wait, did you watch all of them in one row? Anyway, which one was your favourite?

    Oh, and thanks, I just found out about

    bem69’s last blog post..Invaders from Wigon

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