Moisture Seeping in the Olympus TG-1

Until recently, I was very happy with the performance of my underwater camera, the Olympus TG-1. It is a camera that is shockproof, waterproof, dust proof and whatever proofs you have there. But last Sunday, when I dipped it in the waters of the Kagusuan Beach in Siquijor, I noticed the moisture forming on its lens. I panicked so I immediately got out of the water and placed my camera on the beach hut near the shoreline. Although I would have loved taking photos of the beautiful beach in Siquijor, I thought it best to let the camera rest in case there’s really something wrong with it. I was also too happy to let go of the camera so that I can swim freely in the crystal clear waters of the beach in Siquijor.

Kagusuan Beach, Siquijor
can you see the blurry areas?

When I checked back on the camera after I swam, I no longer saw the moisture. But when I took photos of our walk back to the main road, I saw smaller areas which were blurry. I hope I didn’t ruin the camera.

As far as I recall, I charged the camera without properly making sure that it was already dry. If my guess is right, it kinda got damaged because of that. But I’m not an expert at these so I really can’t say what went wrong. Tomorrow, when I go freediving with friends, I will check if the moisture shows up again. I  really hope it doesn’t. A friend of mine who also owns the same camera had that problem before and the cam’s dead now. I just hope it doesn’t happen to my camera. Otherwise, I might have to invest again to a new camera.

But as for that awesome weekend in Siquijor, where I spent the last 3 days on the 1st week of March, I am so happy to capture beautiful photos of that mystical island. 😀

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