Missing Thailand

I really don’t understand why Thailand has this huge impact in my life. To think that I’ve only been to 2 countries outside the Philippines. I know there are still more countries to be explored out there but the truth of the matter is, I found myself in Thailand. It is my comfort zone. Being able to mingle with people who look like me but is nowhere close to our culture gives me the reassurance that I can blend in, that I can be one of them and disappear in a sea of crowd without showing who I really am.

In Thailand, I can be myself. I can be free. People can think all sorts of things about me but they won’t succeed because I’m different.


This is also probably the reason why I love Thailand so much. Their culture and way of life allows anyone to live harmoniously. People will mind their own business and will leave you in peace as long as you don’t break any rules.

Last night, when I checked my Tumblr site, I saw some memorable photos of my trip to this country last year. I suddenly had that strong longing to go back out there and backpack on my own. I just hope I do get to visit Thailand again soon.

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