Miggy Died

When I came back to work that Monday, Randie immediately asked me if I see anything unusual in our office. At first, I couldn’t figure what it was. And as my head turned, I noticed that the fish bowl was empty. Miggy died! huhuhu… No one really knew what happened. We don’t believe it was the lack of clean water because we had colleagues who worked on the long holidays and changed Miggy’s water. It was so sad that he had to die. The funny thing was almost all of us were wearing black, which we didn’t plan.



  1. My Pink Shoelace says

    Si Audrey nagngisi … nyahahaha pagsure mo wui

  2. hahaha..dili kapasar sa actor’s guild? LOL

  3. we will have new pet nah..yehey!

  4. waaaah… am crying!!! i miss miggy waaahhh col

  5. way lingaw ai! hahaha

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