Meghan and Cheyne won Amazing Race 15!


Yey! I’m still hyped at them winning the Amazing Race. Although it has been almost a week since the final leg of the race were broadcast, I only got the chance to view a rerun today due to the hectic schedule I lead on and off work. But gee I’m glad they won the race. I haven’t really followed the start of the race but I got the chance to see other members compete and all I can say is that Meghan and Cheyne deserved to win the Amazing Race.


The three remaining teams to compete the Amazing Race for 1 million dollars

(L-R: Sam and Dan, Meghan and Cheyne, Brian and Ericka)

At first, I thought that they were just two dumb blondes who looked weird with their matching hair colors but their strategies and positive outlook all throughout the race proved me wrong. They are very competitive, both in mind and in body, which gave them the edge over the other players. Before the final leg, they have managed to come in 1st place for six times during the entire race making them winners already after getting all those cool prizes.  The prizes include a trip for 2 to Aspen and Vail, Colorado, a trip for 2 to Jamaica, 2 personal watercrafts, a red cedar sauna, a trip for 2 to Lanai, Hawaii and a pair of 52 inch HD LCD TVs.


Here, Although Meghan and Cheyne arrived last to complete the final challenge, they finished counting the chips that totalled to  1 Million dollars. That really gave them the lead that they needed in order to emerge as winners of the race. I even thought that their failure to locate The Monte Carlo would cost them the race but I guess they were also very lucky.


Here’s Phil Keoghan looking at his best. He really knows how to do his job at hosting the show unlike the host of the Amazing Race Asia. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer did a great job at finding the best suited host for this reality show. Thumbs up to you guys for keeping the show alive, fun and exhilirating as ever.


I liked the old logo of the US edition of the Amazing Race. The new one looks artificial.

The Amazing Race is my favorite reality TV show and although I have skipped a couple of seasons in the past, I intend to check them out when I have spare time…maybe this holiday break. The show allows you to get to see different parts of the world and it also allows you to be with those players as they race around the globe. It’s as if you were racing with them too. It gives you a sense of awareness to what’s out there.

The only thing I noticed on this season’s race was that I think there were less challenges or roadblocks or detours. I think I was accustomed to seeing more challenges. Also, the season spent a lot of time in Europe. I wish they had travelled all over the world and didn’t have to focus on racing in the countries in Europe. I also hope that the final race would be a difficult one coz it seems that every challenge were so easy.

But overall, the show was great and I can’t wait for the next season’s Amazing Race!

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