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Yesterday, I met Enrico Dee of Ed mentioned 2 weeks ago (i think) that Eric will have a 6-hour stop over in Cebu on his way to Manila and wanted to meet up to eat at CNT Lechon. Ed asked me if I wanted to join them. Since I don’t have anything scheduled for that day, I agreed to tag along. The plane from Gen San arrived at 12:40pm and Eric’s flight going to Manila was at 6:30pm.


on our way to the airport


Since Eric hasn’t eaten in Casa Verde yet, Ed decided to bring him there instead. We also thought it wasn’t a good idea to go to CNT Lechon since there won’t be any decent lechon left as it was past lunch time already. Eric was game with the idea of eating at Casa Verde so we headed straight to the original branch of Casa Verde along F. Ramos St.


Bryan’s Baby back ribs @ P169.00


Eric of with Ed and I

Eric was really amazed at how big the ribs were and how cheap it was. We also forgot to mention that part to him.  hehehe. Ed and I decided to share 1 rib and ordered Victoria’s Secret Pasta. We were glad that Eric liked the place and he vowed he’d be back there.

After our late lunch, Audrey and The Photoblogger EJ joined us as we headed to Parkmall while we killed time waiting for Eric’s flight out of Cebu. While deciding where we’d hang out, we dropped by Pixel Pro, a shop for photo enthusiasts.


Byahilo and The Photoblogger


EJ, me, Audrey and Eric


Then we chilled at Coffee Dream



EJ, Ed, Doi, Audrey and Enrico before heading to the airport

The rain poured while we were on our way to the airport and we were joking around saying that Eric’s flight could possibly get delayed due to the heavy rain showers. Later that night, we received word that Eric safely landed in Manila.

This was my second time meeting up with a fellow blogger whose not based from Cebu, the first one was with Winston Almendras of I’m glad I did. I like the idea of meeting up with new acquaintances who share the same interests as we do – blogging, photography and travelling.

Nice meeting you Eric! Hope we get to see each other this August. Looking forward to our Iloilo, Zambales and Sagada trips! 😀

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  1. daghang salamat sa inyong tanan! we’d definitely see each other this SOON!!!!

  2. wooot! 😀 thanks again for the whole ride doi 😀
    The Photoblogger´s last blog post ..Cebu Rizal Public Library

  3. kalorkey ngayon ko lng napansin.. ang wallet ko nag he-hello sa snatcher!!


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