Me and My Amoeba

Let me start this entry by saying… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Ok. I’m deeply honored because my crazy yet gorgeous friend Jessie painstakingly took the effort to blog about me and my condition despite the hour he arrived home last night.

I was too bored yesterday and was flipping channels when I saw Spice Girls being shown on MTV. I was surprised when I saw the video and was shocked to learn that they have a new single. I immediately sent a text message to my other gorgeous friend, Bibi, who was so gaga over Spice Girls and told her of the news. To my dismay she just said “Hahaha! hai doi dats so 2007. Headlines nga song. Wer wer u dat tym?” Toinks!

Anyway, I told her I was just bored and kept flipping the channels at the hospital. That’s when she learned I was confined there and she said that she and Jessie will drop by to visit me. I immediately accepted the offer. The re-run of the Oscar’s will be aired on Star Movies too so I was hoping we could watch it together. I knew both of them are up-to-date with stuff like these but I thought that one of them haven’t seen the program. I was wrong. Jessie actually filed for a leave of absence from work just to watch the live program at home. Bibi, on the other hand, watched the reruns that night. So I guess I was the only loser, ei? 😆 I don’t normally watch the Oscar’s but because of Slumdog Millionaire, I got intrigued.

So, the hour arrived, it was really raining hard last night and I thought they would postpone the visit coz their text messages were delayed for like an hour or so. But then, they showed up and just in time for the Oscars. hehehe.

To keep this entry short, I really enjoyed their visit, although there were times where I had to ask them to keep their voices down for fear that our next-door neighbors would complain at the noise we were making because of laughing our hearts out.

Jessie mentioned he will blog about me before he left but I never imagined it would be that soon. When I woke up this morning, his text message greeted me informing me of the blog. I never got the chance to read it till now. Love in the Time of Amoeba (this was the blog about me) got me laughing real hard! Haayyy… why do I have the most weird and crazy friends??? 😆 Thanks Jess! Love yah!


As for the Oscars? I failed to finish the program. I was too tired I guess that I dozed off to sleep whil Will Smith was on stage.


I had the scariest, weirdest, bizaare dream/nightmare. I know Bibi and Jessie will flip when they hear it but I’m not telling. 😆


  1. being in the hospital is never fun….especially when they stick needles and tubes in you. sorry to hear about your date with amoeba, hope you’re feeling better!

  2. hope you’re a lot better now. the best ang review mo sa slumdog M., nanalo tuloy!:D

    ingatz doi!

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