Losing my Olympus TG-1 Camera

Last October 5, 2012, my second hand camera got drenched in sea water on my trip to Biri Island. It immediately quit working and I sort of got depressed at the thought of not being able to travel without my handy camera. You see, as a travel blogger who was only relying on my site’s earnings at that time, it was important to carry a camera at all times so that I could convert my travels into blogs, which would be potential income-earning articles/photos in the long run. Without a camera in tow, my trips would be worthless. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait longer. 15 days after my camera died, I got the chance to buy a replacement cam with the unexpected sponsored opportunities that arrived on my 2 sites. I was ecstatic because not only was I able to buy a point and shoot camera but I bought one that’s waterproof up to 40 feet! Buying my Olympus TG-1 was my best camera investment by far.

However, I started losing parts of the cam one by one. On my first underwater expedition, I lost the camera’s center ring. It wasn’t really a big deal since it was just an accessory. The cam could still function well without it.

Then during my trip to Camotes Island, I lost the free camera pouch that came with its purchase. No biggie with that.

Then this year, the dial label of the cam got detached to its button. I tried to bond it with Epoxy but it failed to do the trick. I guess I ended up using the cam’s dial button blindly and just relied on what’s displayed onscreen for the last 2 months.

Then what I was dreading the most happened.

I lost my cam and I could only blame myself for my negligence.

Olympus TG-1
1st photo I took with my Olympus TG-1

I went on this 3days/2nights trip in Bohol, an island sitting next to Cebu. On our last day, as we were about to go back to Cebu, I left the cam hanging at the back door of the cubicle I used inside the ladies’ toilet inside the Port of Tagbilaran. 10 minutes after I realized my foolishness, I ran towards the toilet and realized that I was too late. My cam was gone. The staff at the port weren’t that helpful at first either. I had to suspect at some point that they just kept the cam because of their lack of cooperation in helping me find my cam.

At that moment, I already accepted the fate of my cam being gone. But what I couldn’t accept was the fact that I lost precious photos of our cave diving adventure in Anda, Bohol earlier that day.

My heart bleeds at the thought of losing those photos. I cringe every time I recall what I have done. I feel guilty losing the pictures of the photoshoot my friends and I did while diving inside the cave in Anda.

I want to cry but tears refuse to fall out of my eyes. I just feel numb within. I wore this blank expression all throughout the remainder of our trip…even up to now.

Two days had passed since that unfortunate incident. My heart still aches at the loss of my cam. To tell you honestly, I really don’t care if those who took the cam won’t return the gadget. I just want my SD Card with the photos stored in it.

And right now, I’m still in denial of its loss. I am still hoping against hopes that a kind soul…an angel found the camera and that I’ll be reunited with it again.

Maybe I rely too much on success stories I read online regarding lost cameras being reunited with their owners. I hold on to those wonderful stories and refuse to believe that my relationship with my Olympus TG-1 will end just like that. *sigh*

I’m totally heartbroken right now. As to how long I’ll hold on to hoping that one day my cam will come back to me, I have completely no idea. I also don’t know when I’ll buy a replacement cam. I don’t want to get a replacement just yet.

I have already prayed to the heavens and saints up above and asked for divine intervention. I wish my prayer gets answered. In the first place, acquiring that cam was an answered prayer. I really hope that it finds its way back to me, intact and safe, with those precious diving photos.

Here’s a tribute to some of the photos I took with my Olympus TG-1

whale shark encounters in Oslob, Cebu
whale shark encounters at Oslob, Cebu last November 2012

sea turtles at Apo Island
swimming with sea turtles at Apo Island in Negros last June 2013

monofin freediving
freediving with monofins at Marigondon, Mactan, Cebu last July 2013

I hope those amazing photos stored in there would find its way back to me.

10 months and 6 days after I got you was more than I could ask for as your sister camera lived a shorter life. But I still refuse to believe it’s the end of our wonderful friendship. All I could do is hope for now.

So long TG-1.  I’m sorry I didn’t keep you safe. You will be missed dearly! 🙁

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