Looking inside the CPU

I was trying to see if I can fix my PC by myself. I saw how my cousin reset the processor so I figured it’s really easy. When I consulted my techie friend on what to do, he advised me to unhook everything except for the power supply, mother board and processor. Then he instructed me to install each hardware one by one and reboot the PC. He said I have to check if a blue screen error appears as I boot the system after I hook back each hardware. He mentioned that I had to hook up the following in order: memory card, cd rom, drive A and last, the hard drive. So, in order to make sure I remember where everything goes after I unhook the connections, I tried to take pictures of it before I continue to do more damage to the CPU…hehehe. The funny thing is after I unhooked everything, the equipment won’t work. It won’t power on. I had to quickly send a text message to my friend and ask him what to do. He said that unhooking the hard disk and cd rom is enough. But I unhooked everything! And to my horror, I even forgot how to connect back the really really really tiny connections. Luckily I have the User Guide of my motherboard handy. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know what to do.

After the gruesome process of unhooking everything, not to mention, lifting the CPU back and forth the chair and the floor (the free exercise was a consolation, though, hehehe) I was able to reinstall the system. But, after installing some add ons, the system crashed again. Oh geesh… it’s not simple as I thought it would be.

So, here’s the pictures of my CPU’s intestines…


As I’ve said from my previous blog, the system needed a new memory. The good thing is, I’m so proud to be able to accomplish this! I’m so happy that I gained more knowledge on how to do basic troubleshooting for a desktop Computer. Yohooo!!! Good jeb doi doi!!! hahahaha

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