Looking for Airport Shuttle Services with San Francisco

The past couple of days had been stressful since I’ve been exchanging emails with one of my old friends. We’ve known each other for ages and when I learned that she needed help with her trip to San Francisco, I immediately sent her an email asking what kind of help she needed.

She’s based in Texas, and after accepting a new job opportunity she needs to relocate to San Francisco. She’s bringing with her a lot of stuff and she’s been checking out different services and products to view that are offered by shuttle services like the well known Top San Francisco Airport Shuttle Service.

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Because of the limited time she has left in packing all her stuff and sorting out what things she needs to bring with her on her flight, and what she needs to leave for the mover’s truck, she wanted to know if all her luggage would fit inside the American Airporter Shuttle.

My friend is kinda OC and she wants to know ahead of time exactly what to expect from these companies. I volunteered to gather the information for her when we finally got the chance to talk over Skype. Apparently the americanairporter service allows pick-ups from the SFO airport. The company provides a hassle-free transfer to San Francisco City.

The information on their website reveals that they have low competitive rates too. Since it will be my friend’s first time to visit San Fran, she’s really excited to tour the area and it’s wonderful to know that the American Airporter Shuttle company offers site seeing tours too.

I can’t wait to tell my pal about this piece of information. She could probably request for the airport pick-up and arrange a drive by to the Golden Gate, Chinatown, North Beach and other places before they reach her new home. I’m so excited for my friend and I can’t wait to send her all of the information I gathered.

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